Ferdinando Caraceni

Ferdinando Caraceni, an internationally renowned, refined and innovative master tailor with a deep respect for Italian traditional craftsmanship, founded the atelier that bears his name and which still preserves the soul, class and exclusivity of the great Maestro even after his death in September 2004 following more than sixty years at the work bench.

His art and teachings represent an unequalled creative and professional legacy that allows his company to continue in his footsteps and constitute the spiritual and cultural heritage of this bespoke atelier.
Ferdinando was an extraordinary man and tailor. His trade held no mysteries or secrets to him, as revealed by his history.

  • At age 16, already a “qualified” worker as he proudly defined himself at that time, he went to work with the great Domenico Caraceni. By a strange but illuminating coincidence, they were born on the same day, May 30, and in the same town, Ortona a Mare in Abruzzo. They were evidently bound by the same destiny, written in the stars
  • Continuing his life as a tailor, he subsequently refined his tailoring skills with Augusto Caraceni as a textile cutter, continuing to work beside him for 29 years and cultivating his love of excellent cutting and elegant styling day by day.
  • 1967 was an important year for Ferdinando; feeling ready and mature, with determination and serenity, he decided to set out on his own, opening “his” Sartoria and thereby marking the debut of SARTORIA FERDINANDO CARACENI. Year after year, Ferdinando continued to personally follow all the phases of production of the atelier, cutting, sewing, experimenting and “inventing”.

However, his greatest ambition and vocation was to teach and train a staff of workers and cutters ready to grow with the atelier, to learn his style, his lapel, his shoulder and the secrets of the ancient trade to which he dedicated such passion. He, therefore, decided to establish a team of a few highly skilled, qualified workers, to make a maximum of 400 suits a year, above which tailoring is no longer an art but an industry, inconceivable for Ferdinando who was a true artist.

Nicoletta Caraceni

2004, the year in which Ferdinando left us. But his soul, art and teachings remain, thanks to his daughter, Nicoletta Caraceni, who, after having worked alongside her father for more than 20 years, absorbed all the secrets of his trade and now proudly and unhesitatingly continues the “quality control” of the atelier, addressing clients who desire suits of particular importance and pride. Today, Sartoria Caraceni is renowned as one of the best bespoke tailors of the world. Nicoletta, as taught by her father, is the embodiment of maniacal quality which begins with the choice of the fabric: it doesn’t matter if it comes from English textile or from Scottish or Irish cashmeres, what matters is it must come from the best possible selection.
Caracenis suits are not for everyone, they are created for those individuals who desire a unique garment which is able to transmit the poetry and the love with which they were designed and produced. In these few lines we have tried to convey the spirit with which Sartoria Ferdinando Caraceni was born.