“There is a threshold beyond which art ceases and industry begins”
These are the words of Ferdinando Caraceni, who has never wanted to overcome that threshold.

In 1939, at the age of 16, already a “qualified” worker as he proudly defined himself at that time, Ferdinando arrives in Milan and for thirty years works with A. Caraceni, his great master. In 1967, Ferdinando Caraceni founded his tailoring in Milan in Via San Marco. For over sixty years, Ferdinando works with passion and dedication. We are in 2004, when Ferdinand Caraceni leaves us. But his heart remains and his teachings have been so authentic that her daughter, Nicoletta Caraceni, after having worked alongside her father for more than 20 years, decides to carry on Ferdinando Atelier with the same principles while maintaining a craftsmanship exclusively.

I carry on my father’s work with the same spirit and pride, grateful for all the teachings received. Beyond the economic value, we want to dress people who still appreciate the work of the handmade tailor and, therefore, want to wear unique bespokes, made with passion, ability and love. Nicoletta Caraceni

Today, Caraceni’s atelier is recognized worldwide as an Italian excellence. Nicoletta, as her dad taught her, is caring for a maniacal quality that begins with the choice of fabric: whether they are British fabrics, cashmere of Scotland or Irish linens, they must always be the best.

Our tailors at work and some of their tools

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Our Values

Only handmade suits

Our tailor use only artisanal tailoring instruments. So, each suit is really unique


Quality begins with fabric: wherever it comes it must be always the best


From father to daughter, we are the real Caraceni Milan from over 60 years

The result of our patience and meticulous work is the one and only Bespokes

Fernando Caraceni’s Tailor creates unique garments, designed based on the clients body shape and posture, perfectly matching the clients personality. Nothing is left to chance. Neither machines nor computers are being used. This demands more effort and longer times, but the final result and the customers satisfaction make us proud of our work.

For the first suit

The first meeting between the client and the Sartoria is oriented on choosing the fabrics, taking and recording all the clients measures and analyzing his posture. Then you have or three fittings or only two if you live abroad . Discover more

For other suits

Everything is much faster. Thanks to the paper pattern created for the previous suits, only one fitting will be requested to the client.

Read more about our processing phases

Caraceni tailoring is classic in its style but open to the modern communication