A great tailor doesn’t need advertising. His suits are the most vivid and effective testimony of his talent

Tailored made suits
Each suit is personalized on the body and posture of each client.
We are an authentic Sartoria, under every aspect. We create handmade suits, designing them on the client’s body shape and posture, using only traditional work tools. Our staff is carefully selected based on parameters such as experience and passion for this ancient profession. With great pride, we are appreciated worldwide as an Italian excellence of this wonderful profession. Our main production specializes in tailor made suits for men but we also create suits for women.

Fine fabrics and attention to detail
Caraceni’s fabrics are selected directly by Nicoletta Caraceni who, thanks to her fine taste and experience passed down to her by her father Ferdinando Caraceni, always manages to propose to her clients the best the world market has to offer. The choice mainly falls on the finest English fabrics, Scottish cashmere and Irish linen.
Whathever type of garment is made, each piece is unique as the person who wears it. The attention to detail is absolute: the atelier continues to operate according to the bespoke tailoring tradition, producing a maximum of 400 exclusive suits per year. This is done in order to dedicate the necessary amount of time to each suit, which must be considered and pampered throughout all production phases. The fine, exclusive tailoring of this artisan atelier is reflected in the details: the use of old, heavy irons, weighing more than 5 kg to give the final touch to the suit, adding a slight belly to a lapel, a proper fitting armhole, a little extra width to trousers at the calf.

You Know that…
We use old, heavy and heavy irons weighing more than 5 kg to give the last touch to the gown, shaving a rever, working a sleeve or giving amplitude to the calf calf.

Nicoletta says

Those practices are more work-intensive, they drive longer tailoring times, however, they are the hallmark of true bespoke tailoring, of a unique garment made entirely by hand, that transmits the love and passion with which it was created.