Today we are talking about an interesting and much debated element: the white t-shirt under the shirt. It’s curious to think that years ago the white t-shirt was considered an item of underwear only. Today instead it appears in different outfit and is used at all ages and in many situations.

Let’s start by clarifying that if you want to maintain a haute couture style, then it is strongly discouraged. This is mainly because the t-shirt itself lacks shape and structure. If, on the other hand, you want to wear a casual style, then the t-shirt is allowed, even if with a few expedient.

If you’re wearing a shirt open-necked, it looks noticeably more casual if a T-shirt (or indeed a vest) is visible underneath. The same goes for knitwear, like a polo neck sweater.

If you present yourself with a rather casual outfit, for example a chambray shirt and a tweed jacket, the T-shirt highlighted underneath the shirt is a good idea. A suitable alternative could also be under an oxford shirt and with a pair of well-groomed jeans.

In general, you have to take care of the harmony: the t-shirt usually looks out of tune if, for example, you wear elegant and maybe made to measure moccasins! In other words, if we don’t want the t-shirt to look sloppy, we have to reduce as much as possible the misalignment with the more elegant clothes we wear.

Let’s clarify another reality: many men wear the t-shirt under a shirt apparently for reasons related to sweat and therefore for hygienic reasons or because they believe they reduce the risk of finding themselves in uncomfortable situations. This scenario finds a wide application in the United States, where it will not be difficult to see businessmen dressed elegantly but with a t-shirt under their shirt, whatever the texture and fabric of the shirt.

Speaking in terms of economy of use, another feature of the t-shirt appreciated by men (and their wives) is that it often doubles the life of a shirt, which can thus be worn twice: the first time with the t-shirt, the second without.

Real tank tops or vests are already more difficult to wear under shirts and risk making the look too vintage. That’s why we are not inclined to recommend them. Of course, today you can see everything, even unbuttoned shirts up to almost the navel, with or without a shirt. But we at Caraceni F. prefer to move into the outfit with more discreet and subtle touches.